Here are a few examples of some of the work we've been able to do.


Lakeland, Florida

According to the homeowner, this Crape Myrtle had literally never been trimmed before Tree Tune-ups got to it. Many people would have just cut the top of the tree completely off, in a practice we call "Crape Murder," but our team has been trained in the proper care of Crape Myrtles, and was able to do justice to this beautiful tree, as well as several others in the yard.



Lakeland, FLorida

As you can see, this beautiful old oak tree once was touching the roof of this home until we lifted it, sculpted it, and removed the dead wood from it. We also cleared away some smaller trees that were growing from the ground and rubbing the side of the home. As a result, the large oak tree will live a longer, healthier life, and the roof and sides of the home will last longer as well. 



Auburndale, FLorida

Unfortunately, sometimes trees need to be removed. Typically a tree is removed when it is either dead, too sick, or too dangerous to remain where it is. Sick and dead trees can be very dangerous to people and property near them. They can fall or drop pieces of themselves onto things around them, and for this reason it is best to remove a dead tree, or a tree that is too sick to recover.